“We Are GeekGirlCon”

written by Susie on October 8, 2014

Many of my friends and family know that I volunteer with GeekGirlCon, an amazing organization dedicated to celebrating the contributions of women and girls in all aspects of geek culture.

GeekGirlCon is holding its fourth annual convention this weekend, which means every person on our all-volunteer staff is scrambling to complete all those last-minute items. Sometimes, it can be hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel. What keeps us going is the support from fellow staff members and the excitement of our attendees.

And that’s why I wrote this ode to GeekGirlCon — to our staff, our volunteers, our guests, our attendees, and anyone who makes up the larger community. Disclaimer: this was written on little sleep, so apologies for any poor references or typos.

An Ode to GeekGirlCon

The line forms. Our hearts race in one collective beat, a symphony of sisterhood and social justice.

Miniature legs wiggle in anticipation, tiny fingers laced with those from giants worth looking up to. Families, transformed into superheroes and ready to save humanity.

The doors open. Excitement creeps into every corner of the room. Caped crusaders pass in a flash. Nervous giggles escape like hiccups. And we’re ready.

Because we are GeekGirlCon.

We’re fueled by Ada Lovelace. Lt. Uhura. Buffy Summers. Martha Jones. Inspired by Kamala Khan. Korra. Starbuck. Ellen Ripley. Committed to the ideals of Wonder Woman. Jane Goodall. Sally Ride.

The list extends further than Gallifrey or Kobol.

We are GeekGirlCon.

We volunteered as tributes in this fight for equality—sacrificing days, nights, and weekends, remembering we are part of something bigger. That we’re here to help sprinkle a sea of positive pixie dust over the world. That we can’t do this alone. (And that we can save Rue this time around.)

We are GeekGirlCon.

We are fierce princesses who don’t need to be rescued. Through the unbreakable bond of friendship and dogged determination, we know we can save ourselves. (But we’re never too proud to ask for help.)

We are GeekGirlCon.

We come from circumstances as diverse as the solar system, but spin on the same axis of justice—our journey united by one common belief: that it doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t matter what you love, you’re welcome here.

We are GeekGirlCon.

We stand on the shoulders of giants, past and present, who pioneered the path that lies ahead. A path that overcame more obstacles than we can even begin to fathom. A path built on the foundation of empowerment. A path paved for the next generation.

We are GeekGirlCon.

We pursue passions with purpose, because one should always do what they love … not what others expect of them. So we march. We campaign. We pass the megaphone around the block to lend our voices to equality.

We are GeekGirlCon.

We never forget to bring a towel, look for love in Alderaan places, and long to travel with The Doctor. And, yet, we’ll never test your geek cred. We’re built on the foundation of support for our fellow sisters—knowing that every time we tear each other down, we take one step back on our climb to crush that glass ceiling.

We are GeekGirlCon.

We’re all mad here. And that’s what makes it feel like home. Like we’re with family.

You. Me. Us. We are GeekGirlCon.

(The end)

I hope to see you all at our convention (details here).

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