#MoreThanMean: Harassment of Women in Sports

written by Susie on April 27, 2016

This video is really, really important to watch. Most people would never say these things, but people write them online all the time. I’m so grateful a lot of people don’t have to face this level of harassment. However, it is important that we all know it exists [warning: the language is horrible].

When this video, created by Just Not Sports, came out yesterday, a small group of people on Twitter began to attempt to flip the conversation, arguing that the harassment they receive is equivalent to what women’s sports reporters face. These people, however, often post incendiary tweets or articles. There’s a big different between being harassed just because of your gender and being harassed because you are mean, aggressive, use harmful language, etc.

I posted a few tweets in response to this sentiment, which I’ll leave you with.

We can be better. We must be better.

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