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Today’s lesson: no judging, please

My legs wouldn't stop shaking. They do that when I'm anxious -- involuntarily I might add. My legs seem to have a mind of their own. I just wanted to see him, to know he was all right, to hear his voice. Brain surgery. Never did I think these two ...

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To my daughter (should I have one)

I'm not sure if I'll ever have children. But I might. And if I do, I have no way of knowing that one will be a girl. But if I happen to have a girl, here is what I'd want her to know about this world. To my daughter (should I have one): The world ...

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This spoken word poem is beautiful

This is beautiful. Sad, tragic, hopeful, and beautiful. The spoken word poem was written and performed by the talented Shane Koyczan and created by the To This Day Project.

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Dear Dad

Dear Dad, Given that I wrote to Mom on her birthday, it is only fitting that I do the same for yours. I hope you are able to enjoy one of your favorite hobbies today, flying above the clouds in your airplane, seeing the world from a completely dif...

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